Pi-Home is an alternative to commercial home automation systems, or "smart home" in family houses, apartments or small commercial objects. It consists of a simple application of open hardware and software in a switchboard for controlling electrical circuits, collecting data from various sensors and controlling the logic of individual elements. Pi-Home is based on OpenHAB - open source solution ( and the Raspberry Pi and Arduino development open boards. It can be combined with a lot of devices including wireless standards like Z-Wave or ZigBee etc.

Pi-Home - Open Source DIY Smart Home system

The main advantage of an open solution is independence from the supplier and the possibility of self-configuration. In the case of controlling of an intelligent family house, this is the alpha and omega of successful usage, as countless situations will occur over time when adjusting settings will be necessary. Fair price of hardware components in comparison with proprietary solutions. Small price enables duplicating of elements to make solutions more robustness than conventional proprietary solutions.


  • Power circuit control - lights, sockets, heating, blinds, irrigation etc.
  • Collect and store sensor's data - temperature, humidity, movement, consumption, CO2, etc.
  • IFTTT-type programming - "if this then that"
  • Wide range of supported devices and technologies (see OpenHAB Bindings)
  • Web responsive interface and modern graphs (Grafana)
  • Unlimited ability to customize appearance and features


  • universal
  • community
  • minimum cost
  • open source


  • uncertified solution
  • no warranty
  • knowledge & time or paid installation


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Measure tank level water OpenHAB
Measuring the water volume in reservoirRating: 

In this article, you can find how to solve the measuring the water level in the reservoir (e.g. rainwater reservoir). The values are converted into the volume in liters. This enables you to fill the volume tank when needed or predict any other situations.

Advanced PIR sensors features in OpenHABRating: 

The HC-SR501 PIR sensor contains mechanical adjustement for detect range and time. But in an intelligent house, we want to be able change time how long the light will be active and change whether the light will be controlled by PIR or not. Below it's shown how to program the PIR sensor to enable this features.

Video intercom Doorbird in OpenHABRating: 

Native support for OpenHAB is provided by video intercom by Doorbird company. The solution is powered and connected by a UTP cable and has its own IP address to make it easier for you to install at the gate. OpenHAB is then able to import images from the intercom, visit history, manage gate opening on the button and by the phone, do not disturb feature during night, alarm feature etc. In the instructions we guide you how to use OpenHAB with Doorbird D101.

Jak nastavit pevnou IP adresu v linuxu
How to set static IP for OpenHABRating: 

Need fixed IP address for OpenHAB? Simple guide will show you how to set static IP address on linux Debian systems like Raspbian. You can use same guido for ubuntu or other debian like linux systems.

DALI device control via MQTTRating: 

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is an open interface for lighting controls in the home, industrial buildings, public objects, etc. To connect to our OpenHAB system, we can use a commercial converter from ADFWEB called HD67941-B2 - DALI / MQTT - Converter. In the article, we will show how to use this converter in conjunction with MQTT.

Weather stationRating: 

Local weather station allows you to track the exact direction and speed of the wind, the amount of rainfall but also the intensity of the sun's radiation. This information can be used, among other things, to protect interior of the house from the sun or wind and to decide on the garden irrigation. We will show you how connect commercial weather station with OpenHAB.