Pi-Wiki is an open source solution to allow safe electronication of the home or usable as an intranet in a small company. It is based on a web server running on your local network. Drupal CMS is used and it is based on distribution of Open Atrium. It can be modified differently to create content without licenses and without knowledge of the programming language.

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What is it good for?

An apartment, a house, a small company - they're all places where a group of people spend time together. The own intranet called Pi-Wiki allows content to be stored and managed, as well as shared with others. At home it saves time for looking for information such as contracts, accounts, instructions, phone numbers, holiday lists, recipes, etc. In companies, the intranet is used to describe internal processes, store various documents and instructions shared between employees.

What does secure mean?

The safest solution is to not open a private Web server to the Internet at all. Access from outside is only possible via VPN if needed. Even if someone manages to access the network, the content is still stored in a secure database and the website is only accessible to registered users. Security is handled by the Drupal CMS core. Then it's quite complicated to get to that kind of content. For example, the websites of Tesla, NASA and Czech Radio are built on Drupal.

What does it mean to have your own web server?

On the internet, it's about paying for the hosting from 25 CZK/month. However, this web space is not yours, you are only renting it out and is therefore not suitable for private data as a matter of principle. In addition, it is open to the internet by default. You can run your own web site very easily these days on a mini-PC in the size of a credit card and the consumption of 5W. The cost of such equipment is about ~ 1,000 CZK, running about 100 CZK for electricity per year (running 24x7). The software is free, downloading and installing takes less than half an hour and you can begin.


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