Pi-Home provides cost-effective alternative to commercial home automation systems, known as "smart home" for family houses, apartments or small commercial objects. It consists of a simple application of open hardware and software in a switchboard for controlling electrical circuits, collecting data from various sensors and controlling the logic of individual elements. Pi-Home is based on OpenHAB - open source solution ( and the Raspberry Pi and Arduino development open boards. It can be combined with a lot of devices including wireless standards like Z-Wave or ZigBee etc. We use MQTT as main communication protocol.


The main advantage of an open solution is the independence from suppliers and the ability to self-configure. This is crucial for successfully controlling an intelligent family home since numerous situations will arise over time when adjusting settings is necessary. The fair price of hardware components compared to proprietary solutions also adds to the appeal of open solutions. The low price enables duplication of elements to make solutions more robust than conventional proprietary options.





  • Power circuit control - lights, sockets, heating, blinds, irrigation etc.
  • Collect and store sensor's data - temperature, humidity, motion and can be extended (electricity, CO2, etc.)
  • IFTTT-type UI programming - "if this then that" - easy to use for non programmers
  • Wide range of supported devices and technologies (see OpenHAB Bindings)
  • Web responsive interface MainUI (OpenHAB3) - responsible, easy to use
  • Includes Grafana for advanced graphs and statistics
  • Unlimited ability to customize appearance and features
  • Local solution - undependent on internet connection



  • universal
  • community
  • minimum cost
  • open source


  • uncertified solution
  • no warranty
  • knowledge & time or paid installation



OpenHAB 3

OpenHAB3 - Tablet Example OpenHAB3 - Tablet Example OpenHAB3 - Tablet Example OpenHAB3 - Tablet Example

OpenHAB3 - Phone Example OpenHAB3 - Phone Example OpenHAB3 - Phone Example