Wiring Scheme

Wiring scheme

Pi-Home - principle wiring diagram


Pi-Home - Schéma zapojení



The installation is based on the heart of the intelligent house - the Raspberry Pi board (RPi). RPi runs the central software - OpenHAB. For more about OpenHAB and its installation on the RPi, see the How to section. RPi is powered via USB HUB and also linked to Arduino Mega boards. Arduino Mega boards are also powered via the USB interface and the necessary code is uploaded via this connection. RPi and Arduino are connected via a LAN to an internal network. Communication between RPi and Arduino is through the MQTT protocol, where commands for specific actions are publshed and subscribed. The system can be complemented by any MQTT-enabled device or wireless standards such as Z-Wave or Zigbee.


Main features:

Controlling high power circuits (lights, sockets, pumps, electric heaters)

We are using combination of Arduino compatible SSR relay board 230V/2A connected with robust installation branded relay (230V/20A). This combination enables to safely controll sockets, pumps and other high-power devices.

Controlling low power circuits ~ 200W (ventilation, heat valves, blinds)

You can controll low-power devices directly with Arduino relay board 230V/2A SSR. Boards are available from single output up to eight outputs.

LED lights

Due to very high current during first several miliseconds of 230V LED lights, we recommend to use Arduino relay board together with robust relay - same as sockets, pums. See first option.


Sensors are usually connected with UTP cables. UTP ends in switchboard on KRONE modules. You can split wires into DATA, GND and 5V. KRONE modules are connected to Arduino Mega boards, where sensors interacting based on sketch (code, program). Arduino comminicating with central node OpenHAB through MQTT protocol. This configuration support huge variety of Arduino compatible sensors which gives you low prices of hardware and variety to use designed box for sensors as you wish.


For apartments or already reconstructed objects you can use OpenHAB with variety of wireless devices as Z-Wave or Zigbee. It is simple to configure it and put customized rules for logic. Wirelless modules are installed in the location you want befeore device you want to controll. We have a good experiece with Z-Wave protocol.

Full detail scheme for model house (see How To section):

PiHome Wiring Scheme