Home DIY NAS on Raspberry Pi 4 - basic configuration



The basic configuration is really simple. Login in the web interface using an admin account with the default password openmediavault. The manual assumes an English environment, it's a universal variant, but nothing prevents you from using another language in OMV. After the first login, change the default password for admin user and set Auto Logout for at least 60 minutes. Both options are on the General Settings tab.

Pi-NAS - Základní konfigurace

You can set the time zone on the Date/Time tab. On the Network > General tab, change hostname - i.e. the name of the home NAS in the network.

Pi-NAS - Hostname

We're done with the basics, reboot NAS and log in with the new password.


Under Discs tab, you will see your SD card as main OS, connect any number of USB drives, and perform Scan. System mounts additional discs such as sda, sdb, sdc, etc. see below. You can make a note of which disc corresponds to which device.

Pi-NAS - Nastavení disků

When you go to the Edit settings on the HDD type od discs, you can set Advanced Power Management as shown in the following image. the discs will spin down when not operating. It will reduce the noise from the spining discs (during night) and reduce power consumption.

Pi-NAS - Advanced Power Management

Under File Systems tab, you will see which partitions are available. For the Open Media Vault, we need the Linux ext4 format. If your disks are new, choose Create, then select the desired disk and give the new partition any name/label. If the disk already contains a partition, delete that partition and create a new one with the ext4 format. The goal is to create something similar to the image below. Image corespond with 2 discs NAS.

Pi-NAS - Filesystem

Create a new user under Users tab. As an example, we will add a kodi user that will be used to play multimedia from our NAS.

Pi-NAS - Nastavení uživatelů

And, of course, we have to create some shared folder under Shared Folders tab. Typical for home NAS are multimedia, i.e. folders such as Movies, Music, Photos, etc.

Pi-NAS - Sílené složky

Finally, we need to set up how to access these folders from other devices. There are a number of standard protocols available, such as SMB, FTP, NFS, etc. For example, for TV or Kodi's mutimedia center, a simple SMB will be enouhg on our home network. We choose the SMB tab and activate the service.

Pi-NAS - Zapnutí sdílení SMB


Under Shares tab, choose which shared folder you want to share via SMB and what privilegies for specific users will be set.

Pi-NAS - Nastavení sdílené složky a práv

After save, as example, open File Explorer in Windows and type your RPi address, in my case \\\ After entering the user kodi and the correct password, you should see the contents of the folder and you can read and write here. Then, on a smart TV or KODI, add this shared folder as a media source.

Pi-NAS - Načtení sdílené složky

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